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ScanX Classic Digital Scanner w/ In-Line Eraser

ScanX Classic Digital Scanner w/ In-Line Eraser

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The versatility of the ScanX Computed Radiography System is unmatched.

  • Streamline your entire imaging process.
  • Utilizes durable, reusable phosphor plates.
  • Produces diagnostic quality, detail-rich digital images.
  • Pair ScanX with sensors for a "hybrid" and complete digital solution.
  • Eliminate all the hassles and recurring costs of film processing including chemical storage, and disposal.
  • No darkroom required. ScanX operates in normal room lighting.
  • Virtually instantaneous image filing, transmittal and availability
  • Enhance patient care and education.
  • Art for Illustration only
  • Includes: Scanner, power cord, in-line eraser and cable.
  • Software, plates and accessories not included.
  • Has 4 small slots for PA plates and a large slot for Pan and Ceph plates.