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Gendex DenOptix Digital Scanner (PA/PAN/CEPH)

Gendex DenOptix Digital Scanner (PA/PAN/CEPH)

Gendex DenOptix Digital Scanner (PA/PAN/CEPH) 179 Eligible

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Product Description:

The DenOptix Digital Imaging System is intended for use as a digital dental radiography system using x-ray recording media (phosphor imaging plates) for radiographic diagnostic intraoral and extraoral exposures providing interactive CRT retrieval, viewing and processing of stored computed radiographic images.

Provides maximum productivity DenOptix provides maximum productivity for busy offices with its easy installation and minimum staff training. The decision to go digital offers offices the perfect opportunity to replace inefficient and cumbersome film processing.

Benefits include:

    • Decreased processing time and duplication time
    • Significant cost and time savings- no more film processor maintenance and repair
    • Improved customer satisfaction-offers consistent and highly diagnostic images each time
    • Software, plates and accessories not included.

This item works with Windows XP only.