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Owandy I-MAX Touch Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic X Ray System

Owandy I-MAX Touch Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic X Ray System

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FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on Tube Head and Sensors! TWO YEAR WARRANTY on all else.

Upgrade available for a Dual Sensor (Model#9306621191)

Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of a device that opens up a new world of working comfort and efficiency for you. The tactile, intuitive digital 6th sense technology lets you save precious time.

Patient positioning in just a few seconds - The patient is kept perfectly in place so the operator, guided by light beams (Frankfurt and midsagittal planes), can place the patient quickly in the ideal position. He/She is guided by the head rests and biteblock.

User-friendly at all times - No waiting for the patient or the treatment team. Diagnosis is possible immediately on the screen.

6th sense intuition - Twelve complete and intuitive programs for fast, high-definition processing of your images.

Removable sensor: cephalometry in economic mode - Choose between a economical cephalometry or two fixed sensors for panoramic and cephalometric functions. Sharing resources is central to your office, whatever your configuration: Storage on USB memory stick - network operation.

Greater safety - The I-Max Touch greatly reduces the dose of X-rays needed to obtain an image.

Ergonomic use - The I-Max Touch has a panoramic control panel.

The software ergonomics have been designed for a tactile and intuitive use of all functions.

You can operate the I-Max Touch with your fingertips. The LCD touch screen provides an overall view of the many programs and an instantaneous high-definition display of the image.

12 programs - With 12 examination programs, the I-Max Touch performs all radiodiagnostic combinations, whatever the patient's height.

Simple and intuitive to use, the touch screen provides access to all 12 programs without changing the patient's position.


  • User manual
  • Quickvision imaging software, multi or network license
  • Accessories: temple supports + tips, bag of tips for temple rests, bag of centering bites, bag of chin rests

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This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.