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Dual Sterilization Pouches 5-1/4" x 10" (200)

Dual Sterilization Pouches 5-1/4" x 10" (200)

Dual Sterilization Pouches 5-1/4" x 10" (200)

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Sterilization Pouches 5-1/4" x 10"

These Dual Sterilization Pouches are manufactured with lead-free, built-in dual internal and external indicators to ensure the correct sterilization was reached in the autoclave chamber, as well as inside the instrument compartment. The built-in internal process indicator arrows change color with sterilization heat and are visible and compatible with steam and ETO agents. The blue-tinted transparent film proves easy instrument viewing and identification of punctures and tears in the film. The self-seal adhesive strip easily and securely seals pouch, providing a reliable seal until the pouch is opened. The corner tack seals to prevent corners from curling after sterilization.


  • Medical-grade paper
  • Wet strength treated
  • Blue film for easy view
  • Easy-to-view arrow indicators
  • Easy-to-open thumb notch
  • Available in 200 pouches/box, (10 boxes per case)