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Bauerfeind Malleoloc® Ankle Brace, Titanium, Right, Size 1

Bauerfeind Malleoloc® Ankle Brace, Titanium, Right, Size 1

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Product Description:

Ankle Brace, Titanium, Right, Size 1 (DROP SHIP ONLY) (081571)

Increases ankle stability without restricting mobility. Stabilizing ankle brace specifically contoured to increase stability without restricting mobility. Fits in front of the outside ankle bone and behind the inside ankle bone to help prevent outward ankle rolling. Unique design leaves heel and front of the foot free for natural stabilization and allows for full plantar and dorsiflexion. Figure-8 Velcro strapping is individually adjustable for precise comfort and fit. Lightweight and streamlined to fit in any shoe or can be worn without a shoe. Latex free. Can be used to treat: Chronic ankle instability, Capsulare ligament strains, Prophylactic ankle protection, Post-operative rehabilitation, Chronic ligament insufficiency, Post-cast. Size by heel width measurement: Size 1 (smaller than 2.25"), Size 2 (larger than 2.25").

After more serious twisting injuries or torn ligaments, the MalleoLoc ankle brace stabilizes the ankle and protects it from lateral twisting. The MalleoLoc support is self-shaping to fit snugly on the ankle and covers the malleolus medially and laterally.


SIZE Heel Width

1= Normal <2 1/4

2= Wide >2 1/4


  • Anatomically contoured shell and Velcro strap system stabilizes the upper ankle joint and counter-acts supination
  • Low-profile design makes it easy to wear, even with shoes
  • Anti-fatigue cushion for excellent wearing comfort
  • Plantar guide stimulates the dorsiflexor muscles, supports the stabilizing effect, and protects against supination
  • Right and left specific for optimum fit promotes all-day wearing comfort
  • Viscoelastic insert supports lateral and medial stabilization,controls edema and reduces pain
  • Reduced pressure at the edges for added comfort
  • Fits nicely in the shoe; ideal for active lifestyle and athletic use
  • Medical grade compression promotes increased proprioception and joint stabilization
  • Right and left specific for optimal fit
  • Code L4350 Approved*

    * Suggested codes are based on approved coding from PDAC as of 12/17. It is the responsibility of the provider to determine the appropriate billing code, as well as, whether the use of a product complies with medical necessity and other documentation requirements of the payer.