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Siemens DCA Vantage® HbA1c Analyzer

Siemens DCA Vantage® HbA1c Analyzer

Siemens DCA Vantage® HbA1c Analyzer 179 Eligible

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DCA Vantage HbA1c Analyzer, CLIA Waived (10282969) (Continental US Only) (DROP SHIP ONLY)

Optimal diabetes care: HbA1c and A:C Ratio testing results in just six and seven minutes, respectively. Increases patient comfort by requiring a smaller whole blood sample (1 uL) for HbA1c. Provides HbA1c patient trend graph. Online GFR calculator provides a tool for kidney disease staging. Improved clinical confidence: Proven to provide accurate and precise lab-quality results. Barcode patient data entry to reduce transcription errors. Enhanced productivity: Onboard printed results; eliminates transcription errors and saves time. Automatically uploads results to a LIS/HIS. Largest memory stores up to 4000 records; easily downloaded and transferred to a PC. Proven simplicity: Add sample to test cartridge, load, and walk away. No sample or reagent preparation. Color touch screen display; easier menu navigation, data entry and recall. Minimal maintenance required with automatic reminders.